A Slime’s Tale

A Slime’s Tale is a RPG single player game developed by me (Simone Amico), David Jozefczak and Nikhil Shankar during the CS426 Video Game Design course at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

In “A Slime’s Tale” the player controls Sam, a slime character which is capable of movement, transforming into an enemy that has beaten (inheriting the enemy’s abilities) and splitting into more slimes.

Sam was a hero killed by an evil wizard and is resurrected with those special abilities. His goal is to grow stronger, by eating enemies and one day get revenge.

We want the player to feel overwhelmed by the challenge ahead of them, but slowly develop confidence as they realize how versatile and unseemingly powerful Sam’s abilities are.

You can download the latest release of the game here for PC and MAC.

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