I was born in Catania, a city in the southest region of Italy, Sicily. I grew up there, I graduated in the high school Liceo Scientifico Galileo Galilei in July 2013. 2 months later I moved to Turin and I started the bachelor in Computer Engineering at Politenico di Torino where I graduated in July 2016 with 110/110. During the last year of university I took part to the MSP (Microsoft Student Partner) program in Turin.
In September 2016 I moved to Milan in order to start the double degree Master in Computer Science and Engineering between Politecnico di Milano and the University of Illinois at Chicago. I was a MSP in Milan during the first year of Master and I was chosen by Microsoft to take part to Build 2017, the annual conference for developers organized by Microsoft in Seattle in May. At Build I could see and try all the latest innovations for developers, focusing into all the stuffs related to Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality.
In August 2017 I moved to Chicago in order to frequent the last year of the Master and to improve my skills and knowledges in the field of VR/AR and videogames development.