GusBall is a game developed by me during the CS426 Video Game Design course at the University of Illinois at Chicago.
GusBall is a game where you can play in two different modes: Single Player (you are Gus and you have to beat the ball) and Multiplayer (one player uses Gus and the other one the ball).

In Single Player mode there are 3 different levels of difficulty that changes related to the size of the Arena: Large (the easiest), Medium and Small (the most difficult). You are Gus and you must shoot pencils (projectiles) to a green smiley ball. In order to win you have to hit the ball 5 times and you loose if the ball touches you. The ball increases its speed a little bit every frame and each time you hit it, so you should be very fast! You can also take advantage of the obstacles. Gus starts with 5 projectiles and can take more around the map. Pay attention because the ball starts with an invulnerability power up that lasts 3 seconds. And be careful with movements because the floor is frozen!

In Multiplayer mode a player controls Gus and the other one controls the ball. Same rules, but Gus can have max one projectile and start with 1. The ball can take invulnerabilities sphere around the map in the same way Gus takes ammunition. If the ball hits an ammunition it disappear, same thing if Gus hits an invulnerability sphere.

You can download the game for PC and MAC here.

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