ETNA (Entertainment Training Neuro Affective) is a Virtual Reality room-scaled FPS game developed for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. In this game, the difficulty is changed dynamically in three ways: according to the performances of the player, to the affective state of the player (measured through his/her skin conductance level) and according to both of them.
The player can move around a rocky platform with some holes inside it, positioned in the center of a volcano . The aim of the player is to maximize his/her score shooting at some lava balls that are spawing from 4 mini volcanoes around him, without being hit. Two controllers are mapped with two guns and in the HTC Vive version the player can wear also two HTC Vive trackers in order to map the feet inside the virtual world.
The guns will start with a 50% charge. Each shot costs 5% of charge and there will be some blue balls that will spawn randomly over the platform. The player can collect them by touching them with the gun in order to add the 25% of charge.
The game is also used at the Shirley Ryan rehabilitation laboratory to help people in the neuro-rehabilitation of the upper and lower limbs.

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