AMARU is a 2D online multiplayer card game for Windows and Mac which aims at revolutionizing the online card game scene. A match is played by 4 players and a boss driven by an AI. The 4 players are challenged in new ways, having to collaborate with the opponents against a common enemy, Amaru, whilst creating and maintaining an edge with the others since only one player will win the match. A well thought gameboard with two areas where to place cards, the necessity to handle creatures’ energies and the different actions they can take, guarantees a fun and strategic game, keeping the player always on focus.
Each player has a different deck of cards according to four different characters: Moraika (Inca princess), Lu Na (Chinese merchant), León (Stable boy), Yaku (Sailor). The players can collaborate to defeat the boss, but at the same time their objective is to win the game alone, therefore anyone can attack anyone. According to the outcome of the match, each player will gain a certain amount of points, which will also be influenced by his/her own performance. Therefore, the final aim of the players is to improve their overall ranking, making more points as possible. Matchmaking will put in the same match player with similar scores in the ranking.

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